We’ve already seen and heard that there are sooooo many jobs available for truck drivers. But, maybe driving is not your strength. Maybe being a truck driver is just not the career for you, but you are ready for an exciting challenge.

Don’t worry – there is good news for you. There are many other in-demand careers in the transportation industry that are related to truck driver but don’t require you to get behind the wheel of a rig with a fully loaded 53-foot trailer. Many of these careers support the transportation field, provide great employment opportunities with benefits, and enrich our economy.

So, for all of you non-drivers out there, here are some of the related careers that might interest you.


Dispatchers operate telecommunication equipment to coordinate the activities of drivers and other personnel.  They sometimes advise drivers of route and traffic problems such as construction, accidents, size, and weight restrictions. In addition, they maintain computer and manual records and at times generate needed reports.


Diesel technicians inspect, diagnose, repair and service mechanical, electrical and electronic systems, and components for light and commercial transport trucks.  They are knowledgeable about fuel systems, brakes, steering and suspension, engine and drive train, emission control and all other electrical and electronic systems in a transport truck. They perform scheduled maintenance services such as oil changes, and tune-ups.


A logistics coordinator prepares operational and crew schedules. They often review schedule requisitions, cargo, running times, distances, and personnel availability.  Basically, they review any important information that has to do with routes and schedules.

Other careers that might interest you:

  • Safety and compliance
  • Information Technology Support
  • Material Handler/Forklift Operator
  • Human Resources/Recruiting

As you can see, there are many rewarding careers related to truck driving that don’t require you to drive a rig! These are but a few related careers worthy of inspection. 

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