Are you ready to shift into you trucking career? Is it your time to try something new and you need formal training? Everyone learns differently and finding the right fit you is essential to getting your career off to the best start.

We’ve compiled a list of questions for you to help you make the right decision when choosing your truck driving training school.

1.How long has the school operated? 

Make sure you are choosing a reputable school with a proven track record.

3.What’s the method of instruction? 

   Everyone learns differently. Make sure the school you choose suits your learning style.

5.Will I be training on a standard or automatic transmission?

   Although some trucks on the road are automatic, there are still many that are not. Shifting a truck is different than driving a car. Make sure the school you choose offers training on a standard transmission and lets you road test with a standard transmission.

  Be ready every job not just some!

7.What if I don’t pass my road test the first time?

It can happen, but not to worry. Quality truck driving schools will offer free road tests, extra training etc. Be wary of the schools that make money off you failing.

2. How much experience do the trainers have? 

    Experienced Trainers = Better Training

4.How many hours of training is offered? 

   The minimum licensing standard requires you to take 103.5 hours of training, however most employers are going to want to see 200 hours (or more) because their insurance usually requires it.

6.What tools and resources does the school have if I require additional help while in training?

Not all schools are created equal, find out how the school will help you be successful.

8.How will the school prepare me for winter driving?

   This one is easy if you are taking a course in January or February, however if you are taking a course in July, the first time you drive in the snow and ice will be on the job, make sure the school you choose has a method to prepare you.

9.What post-graduation employment support does the school offer?

There are many of jobs out there for new drivers, your training school should be able to point you in the right direction to make sure you are making the most money and that your first job out of school aligns with your career goals.

10.What are some of the employers the school works with? 

     You should confirm the companies that the school works with match your career goals.  If the school works mostly with long haul carriers, but your goal is to be home every day that’s not a great match.

We hope these questions to ask a truck driving school help you get the answers that you need to find the best school for you.


Until next time, Take the Wheel.